Ute Wittstock, Dept. of Pharmaceutical Biology, Technical University of Braunshweig, Germany
Johan Meijer and Sarosh Bejai, VBSG, SLU
Lecture hall A281, Uppsala BioCentre, Ultuna
14:00 - 15:00
Evolution and biochemistry of specifier proteins involved in glucosinolate breakdown*

Specifier proteins are a family of kelch repeat proteins that amplify the chemical diversity of the glucosinolate-myrosinase defense system found in plants of the order Brassicales. They modulate glucosinolate breakdown to enable the formation of up to four different products with distinct physico-chemical and biological properties from a single glucosinolate. The biological function of specifier proteins is largely unknown, but experimental studies suggest a role in indirect defense responses. The talk will present new insights into specifier protein evolution as well as recent results on specifier protein structure and mechanisms.