Frank Wellmer, Trinity College, Dublin
Lars Hennig, Plant Biology
Lecture hall A241, Uppsala BioCentre, Ultuna
14:00 - 15:00
Getting to the bottom of Goethe’s hypothesis on the morphogenesis of plants

In the late 18th century, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe proposed in his seminal essay “The metamorphosis of plants” that all (above-ground) organs of a plant are derived from leaves. There is now ample genetic evidence that this conjecture is correct, at least for flowers. In fact, we now know that the combined activities of floral organ identity factors are necessary and sufficient to transform leaves into floral organs. However, the molecular basis of how leaves are converted into floral organs is currently poorly understood. In my talk, I will present data we obtained while characterizing the gene regulatory networks acting downstream of the floral organ identity factors that offer insights into the molecular mechanisms that control floral organ morphogenesis.