The Uppsala Transgenic Arabidopsis Facility is part of the Linnean Centre for Plant Biology in Uppsala and located at the Deptartment of Plant Biology and Forest Genetics, SLU.
The Uppsala Transgenic Arabidopsis Facility

The Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences at SLU provide support for a facility that since November 2000 carry out transformation of Arabidopsis thaliana. The facility also welcome projects concerning transformation of crop plants. The services currently provided by the facility include three parts:


1. Provision of transformation vectors

We can provide the customers with a selection of transformation vectors (pending MTA) and bacterial strains that we know work well. The customer will prepare the desired insert with appropriate cloning sites and insert this into transformation vectors and transform the appropriate bacterial strains (Agrobacterium tumefasciens). We suggest direct transformation, but also provide protocols for electroporation and conjugation. Samples verified by sequencing can then be deposited to the platform for transformation and storage in a clone bank at -80°C. Please note that according to the new regulation for genetically modified microorganisms (GMM) you need a permit for such work and must report each experiment according to specific forms.


2. Transformation of Arabidopsis thaliana.

The facility can offer transformation of the ecotypes Wassilevskija, Columbia or Landsberg erecta. Other Arabidopsis lines may be used, if the customer have special reasons for this, however, in such cases the customer will have to provide the facility with seeds for transformation. In average <70 plants will be infiltrated. The seeds will be collected (T1) in pools of 3 individuals and a portion selected on antibiotic medium. Transformants will be transferred to soil and seeds collected (T2). The facility has due to limited resources only limited ability to perform a second selection (T3) and will ask the customer to take full responsibility for the seeds in the T2 generation. Expect 6-9 months for generation and delivery of transformants. This procedure usually yield at least ten independent transformants however the the platform cannot guarantee that ten lines will be obtained in any specific case. In case of low transformation efficiency the customer will be contacted to discuss further experiments. Please note that a permit is needed for the use of transgenic plants (GMO) as well. On the order form you should indicate your permit or that you are under process to receive a permit from the Swedish Board of Agriculture (Jordbruksverket).


Additional information

Applications should be made by using the on-line order form. The applicant should also provide a title of the research project and state the funding sources. The cost that will be charged for the services is intended to cover the running material and analysis required for the experiments including additional extra costs (35 %). For Arabidopsis transformations approximately 2700 SEK/transformation is charged for transformants delivered in the T2 generation. Following individual agreements the facility offer a selection also the in T3 generation, for which additional costs will apply. Small scale transformations will be provided in incoming order.



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Phone: 018-673247
Department of Plant Biology and Forest genetics, SLU, Box 7080, 75007 Uppsala.