Associate Professor in Microbial Chemistry and Senior Lecturer

Department of Chemistry - Ångström Laboratory
Karin Stensjö

Exploring the potential of cyanobacteria as a platform for biotechnological production

In our research, we aim to design and construct efficient cyanobacterial systems for manufacturing of raw materials needed for our society. We have a strong focus on the production of biofuels such as hydrogen and jet fuels. We are interested to determine the mechanisms involved in the ability of cyanobacteria to sense and adjust their metabolism to environmental cues and oxidative stress. This knowledge is of importance to construct production-hosts for different biotechnological applications. The great potential for cyanobacteria as a platform for bioproduction is due to their ability to fix CO2, fast growth and rather well-developed genetic tools. These photosynthetic prokaryotes grow well in a variety of milieus and do not need fermentable sugars for growth, therefore will not compete with arable land. The challenges are still numerous and include improvement of: (i) robustness of host cell, (ii) light energy capture, (iii) synthetic biology tools for metabolic engineering, (iv) large-scale cultivations systems.

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