Associate Senior Lecturer

Dept. of Plant Biology, SLU

German Martinez

RNA biology during stress and reproduction

Our lab focuses on understanding how the genetic and epigenetic information contained in the form of RNA is important during processes like reproduction and stress. During these processes the developmental programs are massively affected leading to a reprogramming of transcription. Particularly, we are focused in understanding how mechanisms like RNA silencing (RNAi) could be dynamically involved in the regulation of this reprogramming.

Our lab is also interested in the biology of RNA pathogens like viruses and viroids. These pathogenic RNAs (remnants of the RNA world in the case of viroids) highjack the molecular machinery of the cell for their own benefit and completely short-circuit the plant developmental program leading to defects that are translated into symptoms.

Understanding how the genetic and epigenetic information is regulated during these processes is important in order to ensure food security.

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