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Research groups

Department of Chemistry, Uppsala University

Karin Stensjö Exploring the potential of cyanobacteria as a platform for biotechnological production

Department of Crop Production Ecology, SLU

Robert Glinwood Plant volatile compounds and ecological interactions
Martin Weih Production ecology and physiology of agricultural crops

Department of Ecology, SLU

Christer Björkman Plant-insect interactions
Adriana Puentes Interactions between plants and herbivores
Joachim Strengbom Context dependent interactions in forest ecosystems

Department of Ecology and Genetics, Uppsala University

Magnus Eklund Evolution of plant developmental mechanisms
Charlotte Jandér Ecology and evolution of mutualizes
Sophie Karrenberg Ecological genetics of habitat adaptation and reproductive isolation
Ulf Lagercrantz Genetics of climatic adaptation in trees
Martin Lascoux Population genetics
Pascal Milesi Evolutionary biology
Robert Muscarella Tropical forest dynamics and community ecology
Laura Parducci Forest Palaeogenetics
Anna Rosling Ecology and evolution in soil fungi
Nina Sletvold Plant ecology, evolution and conservation
Brita Svensson Plant population ecology and ecophysiology
Jon Ågren Ecology and evolution of plant populations

Department of Forest Mycology and Plant Pathology, SLU

Salim Bourras Pathobiomes and disease interactions in crops
Malin Elfstrand Resistance mechanisms in forest trees
Jan Stenlid Forest Pathology
Jiasui Zhan Population genetics and evolution of plant pathogens

Department of Molecular Science, SLU

Peter Bozhkov Plant catabolism

Department of Organismal Biology, Uppsala university

Annelie Carlsbecker Plant vascular development
Peter Engström Plant evolution and development

Department of Plant Biology, SLU

Christina Dixelius Plant – Fungal interactions
late Lars Hennig Epigenetic mechanisms establishing cell identity in plants
Daniel Hofius Mechanisms of autophagy and cell death in plant immunity
Pär K. Ingvarsson Population, quantitative and comparative genomics of adaptation in plants
Anders Kvarheden Plant Virology
Claudia Köhler Epigenetic regulation of plant reproduction
German Martinez RNA biology during stress and reproduction
Charles Melnyk Plant grafting and vascular regeneration
Panagiotis Moschou Developmental biology and stress responses
Stefanie Rosa 3D organization of the cell nucleus
Eugene Savenkov Molecular Biology of Plant RNA viruses and small RNAs
Adrien Sicard Developmental genetics and evolution
Folke Sitbon Sterol and glycoalkaloid metabolism in potato plants
Chuanxin Sun Carbon partitioning and storage in higher plants
Eva Sundberg Genetic and hormonal regulation of plant organ development
Jens Sundström Genetic regulation of plant reproductive development