Program 2021
09-09:15WelcomeChairman, LCPU 
09:15-10:15Keynote 1

Leandro Quadrana
IBENS, Université Paris
Innovating by jumping: The role of mobile DNA in the creation of intraspecific variation
10:15-10:45Stefani RosaPlant Biology, SLU
Chromatin regulation: lessons from single cells
10:45-11:15Alyona MininaMolecular Sciences, SLU 
Degrade to develop: the crosstalk between plant autophagy and developmental programs
11:15-11:45Speed talks 

Sanjana Holla

Molecular Sciences, SLU

Sustainable catabolism: autophagy tailored for plant organs function
 Zebin ZhangEcology and Genetics, UU
How broad and predictable is the selfing syndrome?
José GonzalezForest mycology and plant pathology, SLU
Mechanistic modelling of potato yield loss caused by Phytophthora infestans
Aayushi ShuklaPlant Biology, SLU
Autophagy during viral infection in Arabidopsis
Yayuan ChenEcology, SLU
Effects of methyl jasmonate on conifer seedling’s tolerance
13:30-14:00Marisol Sanchez GarciaForest mycology and plant pathology, SLU
Evolution of mycorrhizal fungi
14:00-14:30Alistair AuffretEcology, SLU
Using historical sources to understand biodiversity responses to environmental change
14:30-15:00Speed talks 
Kristina BerggrenEcology, SLU
Synergistic effects of novel methods for enhanced plant protection
Eduardo PiomboForest mycology and plant pathology, SLU
The role of RNA interference in fungus-fungus and fungus-plant biocontrol interactions: the case of Clonostachys rosea  
 Kevin NotaEcology and Genetics, UU
Norway spruce post-glacial recolonization of Fennoscandia  
Jonathan CopeCrop Production, SLU
HeRo: Healthy Roots – Assessing the Importance of Root Architectural Traits in Swedish Winter Wheat
Yousef RahimiPlant Biology, SLU
Challenges in breeding of timothy, a perennial forage crop for cultivation in Sweden​
15:15-15.45Lars Hennig Award Ceremony
Lars Hennig Award seminar: Giulia ZacchelloEcology and Genetics, UU
Ecology and evolution of local adaptation in Arabidopsis thaliana
15:45-16:45Keynote 2

Zander Myburg
FABI, University of Pretoria
Large-scale resequencing of eucalypt tree species and populations for woody biomass production
16:45-17:00Concluding Remarks