Annual Meeting Program
9.00-9.30Welcome by LCPU Chairperson.
9.30-10.30Keynote speaker: Simon StaelVIB-UGent Center for Plant Systems Biology, Ghent, BelgiumDamage dynamics – wound signaling by peptides, proteases and calcium in plants
10.45-11.15Magnus EklundEcology and Genetics, UUEvolution of the plant circadian clock
11.15-11.45Salim BourrasForest mycology and plant pathology, SLUHow can we use pathogen transposons to unravel hidden layers of plant immunity?
11.45-12.15Speed talks
María Luz Annacondia LópezPlant Biology, SLUReprogramming of ARGONAUTE role during viral infection in Arabidopsis.
Miguel Angel RedondoForest mycology and plant pathology, SLUWhat defines a tree’s mycobiome?
Adrian DauphineeMolecular Sciences, SLUDeveloping strategies to elucidate stress granule structure.
Xiaoning ZhangEcology, SLUOmnivorous predators induce plant defences that decrease herbivore performance.
Tianlin Duan Ecology and Genetics, UUDisentangling the effects of hybridization and polyploidy with resynthesized Capsella allopolyploids.
13.30-14.00Speed talks
Katarzyna DziasekPlant Biology, SLUHybrid endosperm – a parental battlefield.
Chandra Shekar KenchappaForest mycology and plant pathology, SLURole of mediator complex in stress response in moss Physcomitrella patens.
Yong ZouMolecular Sciences, SLUThe metacaspases in green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii.
Lisette Van KolfschotenEcology and Genetics, UURising temperatures threaten pollinators of fig trees – keystone resources of tropical forests.
14.00-14.30Ola LundinEcology, SLUFaba bean (Vicia faba) pollination ecology.
14.30-15.00Kasia ZieminskaEcology and Genetics, UUWhere and how much water is stored in stems of angiosperm tree species? — an anatomical perspective.
15.00-15.30Speed talks
Rami-Petteri ApuliPlant Biology, SLUDeleterious load in Populus tremula.
Roel LammerantEcology and Genetics, UUTropical tree seedling response to an experimental soil moisture gradient.
Ke ZhangForest mycology and plant pathology, SLUProduction of healthy Norway spruce seeds: host specificity and pathogenicity of Thekopsora areolata​.
Michelle NordkvistEcology, SLUPlant-mediated interactions between mammals and insects. 
15.45-16.00Lars Henning Award Ceremony
16.00-16-30Lars Henning Award Seminar
16.30-17-30Keynote speaker: Luis Herrera EstrellaDepartment of Plant and Soil Science at Texas Tech University (TTU), USA. LANGEBIO, Cinvestav, Mexico.My journey into the birth of plant transgenesis and its impact on modern plant biology.
17.30-18.00Concluding Remarks