Fascination of Plants Day 2015

On May 23, the Linnean Centre participated in the joint celebration of Linnaeus’ birthday and the Fascination of Plants Day. Numerous interested visitors found their way to our exhibition tent in the Linnaeus garden where Centre members had arranged experimental stations and demonstrations to highlight the importance of plants and plant science.

Visit the international web site to learn about activities organized in other parts of the world to celebrate the Fascination of Plants Day.

Some Photos:

DSC_0140, cropped and smallFrom Daniel, cropped and small

DSC_0132, cropped and smallDSC_0041, cropped and small

DSC_0086, cropped and smallDSC_0083, cropped and small

DSC_0072, cropped and smallDSC_0066, small

DSC_0032, cropped and smallDSC_0031, cropped and small