A meeting to promote interactions and collaboration within the Centre!
Invitation to Linnean Centre network meeting for group leaders, Oct 18-19

Group leaders at departments belonging to the Linnean Centre are hereby invited to join a network meeting at Odalgården 18-19 October, 2018. The overall aim of the meeting is to boost interactions to promote future collaborations within the Linnean Centre.

There will be a wide range of scientific presentations with priority given to new group leaders at the Centre and to projects involving two or more Centre departments. To provide outside perspective, Kenichi Tsuda from Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research and Outi Savolainen from the University of Oulu have been invited as external guest speakers.

The meeting is free of charge for all participants and will take place at the small conference site Odalgården (www.odalgarden.se) located about 15 minutes from Uppsala by car. Participants are expected to arrange their own transportation and to stay the night unless the opposite is clearly indicated.

To register for the meeting, send an e-mail to Mattias.Thelander@slu.se no later than September 27. The number of participants is limited to 45 and spaces are filled on a first come, first served basis. In you registration e-mail, please specify your name and department, any special food requirements and whether you will stay the night (default option) or not. If you are a speaker you of course have a slot guaranteed but you are still expected to send a registration e-mail with these details.


Preliminary program and practical info