Assistant Professor

Department of Ecology and Genetics, Evolutionary Biology Centre, Uppsala University

Laura Parducci

Forest Palaeogenetics

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In my group we study the ecology and evolution of forest plant populations at high latitudes. We study how genetic variation, demographic history and distributional ranges of plants have been shaped during the climatic events of the last thousands of years.

Over the past plants have persisted through long periods of climate change including several glacial and interglacial periods.

Pollen and macrofossil records from lake and peat sediments have shown how populations changed their distribution ranges in response to such changing conditions, implying also demographic and genetic changes due to drift and to adaptation to new environments.

In our studies we use mainly plant ancient DNA extracted from fossil plant archives and we analyzed it through metagenomic and metabarcoding techniques. The methodologies we used are: next generation sequencing techniques (NGS), single cell sequencing techniques (SCS) and bioinformatic analyses, including species distribution modeling analyses (SDM).

Because remains from plant species are better preserved in sediments from colder regions, the plant ancient DNA we use come principally from pollen and sediments (sedimentary DNA) extracted from lakes, peat and permafrost from northern Europe.

Explore my research at my personal homesite or directly contact me  (laura.parducci@ebc.uu.se) for further information!

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Selected publications

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